Code: HV002- Sea front villa with pool

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In the South Heraklion, few kilometrs (15) away from the town, is a luxury villa with its own sea shore in approximately 30 meters away, in a unique spot with panoramic view.

The villa is 496 m2 in 3 levels in a plot of 2.350 m2, with 6 bedrooms with en-suit bathrooms and a 60 m2 swimmingpool

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Upon entering the house, there is the stairway on the left which leads to the bedrooms and on the right we see the glass lift which stops at all three levels (bedrooms-living room-guest rooms). There is a full view of the sea from the lift on every floor.

The kitchen is located on the left next to the stairway, which we enter through a glass door. The kitchen has Italian furniture, which are made from the latest and most modern materials (tinted glass) and the “island” which has the sink and hobs.

The kitchen also includes smart cupboards and multi-functional cabinets. Apart from the cupboards and cabinets, a large high-quality granite worktop 340 cm long and 60 cm wide is built on the side towards the dining room.

On the side facing the dining room, we there is an opening covered with 0.6 cm thick triplex glass. This glass can be raised with an electric mechanism to facilitate the serving process to the dining room.

The combined dining and living areas are awash with light and paved with tiles 60×60 “A” quality.

This room, which leads to the main terrace, holds two living areas and a dining area, as well as additional fixtures such as cabinets or credenzas. This combined space is completed with a modern minimal fireplace. And a beautifully designed guest WC.

The main terrace is covered with tiles 60×60. There is a glass panel for protection but which does not block the view when sitting on the terrace.

On the right side of the terrace, there is a glass passageway which leads to the pool, and an elegant stairway takes us down to the garden and from there onto the wonderful alleys and the stone path leading to the sea.

On the rear side of the villas, there are two terraces. One is in front of the dining area, and the other in front of the kitchen to which there is also an additional entrance.

Going up to the upper level we have the family bedrooms coverd with oak wood. The master bedroom is at the front and has a total surface area of 60 m2, which will host the owner of the villa. It covers the entire forefront of the floor and includes: the bedroom area, a small living area, a special dressing room and an exquisite bathroom, the two walls of which are made of glass so as not to block the view.

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This level includes:

  • Playroom

On the side facing the sea, am approximately 30 m2 playroom has been created, one side of which “sees” the atrium and special tropical plants and trees. From the terrace, we are led to the wonderful garden with the lawn and colourful roses.

  • Master bedroom – Prime guestroom

An exceptional independent bedroom (guest room) with a modern bathroom, tiled floor and unlimited view of the sea. The sliding balcony door leads to large terrace which has a view of the sea offering a cooling area at all hours of the day. This room, as do most of the rooms in the villa, have been fitted with Internet, satellite TV and internal telephone connections.

  • Second Guest room

On the rear side, there is a second bedroom (guestroom) with an en suite bathroom with a window that looks at the side garden of the Villa.

  • Service room

The service bedroom with an en suite bathroom can hold a double bed. This bedroom is directly connected to particularly functional areas such as the laundry room, and the main linen press of the house.

  • Cellar

A closed cellar has been built on this level, without external lighting and in which there will be special flooring and climate control with automatic moisture and temperature control, which is necessary for wines to be preserved and matured.

  • Auxiliary rooms

Right next to the main areas and under the pool area, ancillary rooms covering more than 115 m2 have been designed as follows:




•   Gym with special oak flooring

Two showers

Storage room

Changing rooms

Potable water tank


•   Tank for the pool

Boiler room

•   Stairway leading straight to the pool





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