About Us

George Sarigiannis

Tel no: +306972024448


Name: George Sarigiannis

Tel no: +306972024448

I was born on 22/09/1973 and I leave in adelianos Kampos of Rethymnon- Crete.

I studied at the University of Aegean in Heraklion- Crete  Business and Economics and I also attended at the private school ‘OMEGA’  Business and Economics and I did practice at ‘IONIKI’ bank. I also attended seminars on financial products and I worked on the department of mutual funds of INTERAMERICAN. I founded the stock exchange transactions company ‘ATHENS ELDE’, which I sold.

In 2000 I founded my real estate office which I retain up to now.

In 2004 I founded with a partner a construction company called ‘ DIAS S.A.’ that exists up today in Heraklion of Crete and after few years I left.

I am a father of 3 children, ages 10, 8 and 5.

Aspasia Schoina

Tel no: +306938284112


Name: Aspasia Schoina

Tel no: +306938284112

I was born on 23/08/1979 and I leave in Heraklion -Crete

I studied at ‘Anglia Ruskin University’ in Cambridge- England ‘BA (Hons) Business Economics’ and in 2001 I founded my real estate office in Rethymnon.  In 2006, for family reasons I had to move in Heraklion and work as a Sales Manager at our family industry that was constructed wedding dresses and Christian clothes with activity in Greece and abroad. 

All these years I kept in touch with real estate as my family are engineers since my grandfather was a contractor and my father, brother and uncles are contractors, civil engineers and architects.

My love for real estate led me to reopen my real estate office and to maintain it up today.

Maria Melidonioti

Tel no: +306938771400

Name: Maria Melidonioti

Tel no: +306938771400

I was born on 12/06/1995 and I leave in Rethymno -Crete

I studied at ‘University of Crete’ in Rethymno -Crete ‘ Department of Primary Education ’ and since then I work in real estate in Rethymnon.  

We love our work and we aim keeping our customers satisfied with making good deals of investments in Greece. Our office cooperates with reliable construction companies with years of experience on construction and renovation.